Dance like your soul is watching

There has been a constant echo in my mind today of the choices we make with our body. What we put in, how we dress, how we choose to interact with the outside world and the bridges we create between our internal voices and the outside objects.

In between all this plotting and planning, maneuvering and repression, it is true what Jean-Luc Godard once said, “Art Attracts us only by what it reveals of our most secret self”, and for me,  that ‘secret self’ is most vulnerable, most unafraid, most exposed and most beautiful – when the body moves in dance!

That choice : to dance to ones internal beat, or the melody in a voice, to the rhythm of words unchehcked, or in abandon to the DJ’s turntable in a dimly lit club – that sway of ones hips and tapping of ones feet – be it trained in classical styles, choreographed and constructed, or lose, spontaneous and unguided : it all sets us free, so my message to myself and you, on the 3rd day of Dance Stories, is to Dance like your Soul is watching!



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