Sanskrit and its importance in the Discussion


The intricacies of the Languge constructed by Pannini is as much a Science as the world of molecules of Chemistry, or, that of physical laws within the material Universe. Sanskrit is a cryptograph in many ways. Used as a tool to encrypt, Sanskrit has always been a vehicle for knowledge dissemination. Providing a framework that houses immense conceptual ideas that are –

  • Complex ideas of experience
  • Ideas of observing this realm and beyond
  • Ideas of philosophical explorations and understanding
  • Ideas that are of a social, karmic, emotional, economical, physical, sexual, psychological, anthropological and/or scientific nature
  • Throughout its presentation of ideas, Sanskrit very precisely illuminates and signposts the World, Universe, Society and Culture it is referencing. With each syllable, letter, consonant and word there is a wealth of meaning communicated and protected. This is achieved by the Grammatical Structure created by Pannini himself. With no room for speculation, debate, discord or variation, when Pannini’s Grammatical tools are applied andand then used to decode there is always success.

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