The Emerald Sea : DsArtWorks Six

Obsessed by Ariel and Sebastian, this sketch/drawing/illustration for Ds Art Works part six, is a whimsical watercolour and ink – dive in! “Life under the sea, is better than anything they got up there” – The Little Mermaid Continue reading The Emerald Sea : DsArtWorks Six

The Beating Heart : DsArtWorks Five

  The above work was inspired by one of my favourite authors and poets, and one of my favourite short stories, the 1843 classic “The Tell Tale Heart”. Here it is below, gothic, horror, inspiring and strange. THE TELL-TALE HEART by Edgar Allan Poe 1843 TRUE! –nervous –very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad? … Continue reading The Beating Heart : DsArtWorks Five

The Pomegranate Seeds : DsArtWorks – Two

AS YOU JOURNEY THROUGH THE NIGHT, EVER BRIGHT, AND GROWING HEIGHT, WE LOVE THE FRUITS OF THINE, SOMEWHERE THEY ALWAYS SHINE. FISHING IN THE NET OF THE LINE, THERE IS NO WEB TO PINE, YOU ARE THE POT OF PLENTY, BRINGING ME TO, FISHING GENTLY! The words above were penned for this second exploration for DsArtWorks below, the trees, the elements, the seeing fruit and … Continue reading The Pomegranate Seeds : DsArtWorks – Two

The Flamed City : DsArtWorks – One

As most people jump to join their gyms and start working on machines and the floor mats, and yes lets not forget all the weight lifting and jumping rope that is involved in the endeavour to shed the holiday pounds – I’m siting at my most loved and worn table, sketching, drawing, and playing with colour. Exploring forms and figures, light and shadows, all to … Continue reading The Flamed City : DsArtWorks – One

Saying au revoir to Chinese Art : the multiple smiles of Yu Minjun

This Chinese artist and his oil creations of self in commercial and collectible artworks that straddle the line between social commentary political criticism whilst simultaneously being creepy, confounding, confusing and comical I present to you an artist that is celebrated by alarmist Chinese galleria and Chinese art enthusiasts. Yu Minjun’s works are unfamiliar to the most educated of viewers. His character(s) create distance as well as a … Continue reading Saying au revoir to Chinese Art : the multiple smiles of Yu Minjun

Antonin Artaud Part II

Yesterday we left Artaud urging the true Surrealist to amputate the mind! In fact Artaud takes this directive further and claims that the ‘surrealist’ has judged the mind and in doing so he has discarded with the “my” and “only mine” aspect,  thereby making him – emotionless and dreading the moment in which he will find himself with a critical mind. So free of the … Continue reading Antonin Artaud Part II

Trucks and Paint

As all of Delhi awaited in the oppressive heat for an ever-elusive cloud-burst this summer, I found myself chomping on a protein bar pondering the artists who decorate trucks, roadside carts and dhabas. What got my mental wheels spinning was an article that I found in my inbox, forwarded by a kindred soul. This led to my mind rebooting the bright colours, the festive lettering … Continue reading Trucks and Paint

What is Contemporary Art?

Contemporary Art is understood by some as all art produced post World War II, whilst others define it as art produced “within our lifetime”, and then there is the tiny fact that Roger Fry and his contemporaries founded and established The Contemporary Art Society, London in 1910.  So, trying to define Contemporary-Art within a set time-line, to me, seems an extremely fallible methodology. So, how … Continue reading What is Contemporary Art?