45 DOAS : 07.12.2013

STARTED on the 16th of November 2013, I – Divvya Nirula, brought you “45 DAYS OF ART STORIES” the Below Post was first Published on 07.12.2013 “Playing with Food : The Art of Red Hong Yi  Remember when you pushed your food around into abstract shapes on your plate as a child? Well, Malaysian artist Red Hong Yi has channelled that childhood habit into an art-form.  We … Continue reading 45 DOAS : 07.12.2013

The Emerald Sea : DsArtWorks Six

Obsessed by Ariel and Sebastian, this sketch/drawing/illustration for Ds Art Works part six, is a whimsical watercolour and ink – dive in! “Life under the sea, is better than anything they got up there” – The Little Mermaid Continue reading The Emerald Sea : DsArtWorks Six

Saying au revoir to Chinese Art : the multiple smiles of Yu Minjun

This Chinese artist and his oil creations of self in commercial and collectible artworks that straddle the line between social commentary political criticism whilst simultaneously being creepy, confounding, confusing and comical I present to you an artist that is celebrated by alarmist Chinese galleria and Chinese art enthusiasts. Yu Minjun’s works are unfamiliar to the most educated of viewers. His character(s) create distance as well as a … Continue reading Saying au revoir to Chinese Art : the multiple smiles of Yu Minjun