45 DOAS : 28.12.2013

STARTED on the 16th of November 2013, I – Divvya Nirula, brought you “45 DAYS OF ART STORIES” the Below Post was first Published on 28.12.2013

Recycled Dollar Bill

Money and Art have had a symbiotic relationship, whether it is through patrons or auction houses, but my favourite commentary on the “value” of Money has been with the “Recycled Dollar Bill” in Mark Wagner’s collages.  I find Wagner’s collage creations to be the embodiment of Satire at its most beautiful! ”

Mark-Wagner peacock Mark-Wagner5cover monalisa markwagner


My Inspiration : The idea of Money, transactions, art as a luxury commodity, the value ascribed to this printed paper, and our material worth determined by all this and more, inspired this Art Story.


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