45 DOAS : 04.12.2013

STARTED on the 16th of November 2013, I – Divvya Nirula, brought you “45 DAYS OF ART STORIES” the Below Post was first Published on 04.12.2013

Emma Hack : Painted Bodies

 If you’ve watched Gotye’s music video ‘Somebody that I Used to Know’ you are familiar with Emma Hack’s creative creations. A skin-illustrator and photographer who uses the human body to create camouflage visuals, this artist is constantly blowing me away with her creative projects. For this story, I have gone image heavy as Emma’s work speaks more than anything I could ever say. So, for your viewing pleasure, I present my Top 5 of Emma Hacks Painted Bodies :

761247-emma-hack emma4 EmmaHack1 exoticbirds incredible-body-art-by-emma-hack49

For more stunning visuals by this body painter and artist visit Emma Hack;s gallery of stunning images at http://www.emmahackartist.com.au


My Inspiration : Painter, photographer, and collaborator – Emma Hack is an artist who has taken the body and made it not only canvas but a part of a larger whole. the painted body in Emma Hack’s works and projects are celebrated in this art story.


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