Can’t Let go : Akram Khan






Yesterday I left you with a slight teaser of TOROBAKA and a glimpse into the magical synergy that dancers Akram Khan and Sylvie Guillem exhibited in “Sacred Monsters”. Today as I woke up, this exploration into the the-indefatigable-akram-khan seemed incomplete, and hence I thought I would present to you little snippets of his genius, his performance, and his passion for the art form.


So, here he is, in all his various forms, from Kathak and classical dance, to modern ballet, contemporary dance, and at times bridging dance and drama –


I feel there is no better introduction to Akram Khan’s struggles, philosophy, and practical approach towards dance than his very own words here –


Akram Khan intoducing Kathak : Some practical examples for theoretical notions – nitt, abhinaya, and mudras, Akram Khan takes us through them in simplicity – (we even get to see him play the tabla, an indian percussion instrument that is a great accompaniment to all classical dance in India)



Sidi Larbi and Akram Khan in “Zero Degree” gives a glimpse into the collaborator that is Akram Khan, – poetic and painful –






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