Hips : The Quintessential Bollywood Pelvic Thrust


the pelvic thrust (1)


What is the history of the perlvic thrust? Sex. A natural movement made during coitus was co-opted by performers, rockers, musicians and Indian Film choreographers to titilate and shock audiences.


Made iconic in the West by the likes of Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, the pelvic thrust  dance-move carries with it a wealth of sexual innuendo. Then, is it any wonder that it has found a permanent place in Bollywood and their dance numbers? Ironically, the first musical that I saw which had this gyrating frenetic and frenzied expression of lust and passion was not a Desi (Indian) film. It was in the movie adaptation ofThe Rocky Horror Picture Show, and the song was “Time Warp”.



The Pelvic – thrust is at the core of a number of Latin Dance-Forms such as the Rumba, Mumba, Salsa and Merringue to name a few. However, for me, the Bollywood Industry has turned this dance-move into an art-form that taps into the aesthetic, the beautiful, the sensual and the seductive, and yet lives up to the sexual hypocrisy of Indian Society that is garbed in an illusion of the pure, the pristine and the white.


Here is Priyanka Chopra in the movie Ram-Leela embodying all this and more – thrusting with abandon, giving out a siren’s call!



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