Feet – Move them like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

When we say dancer – the first body part that we immediately connect them to and visualise are the “Feet”. 
Grounding us, allowing us to leap and stretch, to pause and pirouette, the dancers feet are where our “Souls” rest! 
Battered and bruised, knocked and swollen, these feet are what aide us in our movement, trained to kick, flip, balance and flick they are in many ways the starting point for the dancers journey. Where the first step towards the barre, leads to a lifetime of perfecting the correct placement, and arch of that foot – deceptive in its delicate being, providing the point of balance for all of one’s being. 
Expounding these aspects of the role of feet in a dancers body in motion, today for 45 Days of Dance Stories I give you the marvellous, talented, popular and iconic – Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers with my favourite routine of theirs. It was also the last time they performed together in “Barkleys of Broadway”, in the year 1949. Its quintessentially them – effortless, smooth, tapping away, grooving, making it look Oh! So easy! Bam-ba-dam-dam!



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