A Dance Story for 30th November 2014 : Radha’s Dance (1951)


The 1951 Film “The River” by Jean Renoir, was an adaptation of a work of the same name by Rumer Godden. The literary work was a slightly autobiographical coming of age story, where reality and fantasy merge to instil life lessons that go far beyond the mundane.

In the film, this revelation of “life truths” is achieved in part through the dramatisation of the fantasy of the divine love between Lord Krishna and Radha. This piece “Radha’s Dance” evoke the central theme of the book, which is duality. The revelation that truths are constantly changing. This particular piece from the film, is a great piece of choreography as well as execution by the dancer, but it is also illustrating how influence, especially divine influence is a key aspect in charting the events we see as random or free will.


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