A Dance story for 29th November 2014 : Balsaraswati





When we talk of Bharatanatyam and the course of its journey from east to west there is only one women and her discipline and delight in this form of classical Indian Dance that truly complete that story, and that is none other than Balasaraswati. Born to one of the last musical families of the South of India, Bala’s historical import in the modern tale of Bhaatanatyam is a link to the ancient we must never forget. She took the thousands of years of Guru and Shishya (Master and Student) relationship and converted it into one of collaboration and rejuvenation. To see her dance has been said was to witness the essence of the divine in dance, so here is a glimpse of who she was, in the words of none other than her grandson Aniruddha Knight and videos, dances and pics of Bala herself –




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