R.I.P. Sitara Devi (1919-2014)

The last two days have been a meditation on Sitara Devi, hence on Kathak. Her many performance on stage or then on celluloid for Films such as Baghban(1938), Roti(1942)and Mother India (1957) – Sitara Devi’s contribution to Kathak is one that has been well documented and is sprawling in its influence to inspire.
True to her moniker – “Sitara” (which means Star in Hindi), she has become a light of illumination for her students, fans and fellow performing artists.
To continue to learn, to continue to want to pursue the creative desire, the commitment to creation – that was Sitara Devi, and for me that is every dancer.

I’ll leave you with these two performances by her in the film 1943 AABROO, in which she was the lead, the dancer and the singer.


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